Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Who can sign up for Kiwi Nut?

Kiwi Nut is a platform for both artists and consumers alike, anyone can sign up.

2)  Does Kiwi Nut cost money to join?

Kiwi Nut is free to join, we make our part by charging a small commission fee built into the sale price of the products sold.

3)  How do I become an artist?

By signing up for Kiwi Nut and going to the ‘MY STORE’ link you can apply to be a vendor.  We will send approval messages within a 48 hour window.

4)  Why is my billing address on my profile?  Can other users see my address? 

Absolutely not.  Your billing address is on your profile for your own use.  This is not visible to other users.

5)  What separates Kiwi Nut from other online galleries? 

Kiwi Nut cares about your success.  As a gallery and promotional company we are committed to growing each of our approved vendors business.  In addition to an online platform we host art shows and events.  Joint advertising with other companies & sponsors.  We invest towards digital marketing such as; social media ads, email marketing and SEO’s.

6)  How can I promote myself within the website? 

Become apart of our community.  Post blogs to increase viewership, join the forums and engage with other members.  Kiwi Nut will feature art and blog posts from different artists every week.

6)  Will Kiwi Nut ever charge a signup fee?  

No Kiwi Nut will never charge users to create a profile.  Users will have the option to have a small commission of 15% taken from total sales, or pay a small subscription fee and keep 100% of total sales.

7)  Can I apply to have a Kiwi Nut event at my business?  

Of course.  Please email us at info@kiwinut.com.  We would be please to invite our artists to your venue to generate traffic and provide a benefit to our users.

8)  Who handles the shipping fee? 

The consumer is responsible for the fee.  The artist can opt to provide free shipping and eat the cot themselves to drive sales.

Still more questions? 👆


If you still have more questions please email us directly at info@kiwinut.com or reach out to us through the forums.  You can also send us a DM on Instagram!