Frequently Asked Questions

What is KiwiNut?

KiwiNut is a marketplace where third party vendors can create their own online business to sell a variety of unique and creative products.

Is it free to sign up? How does KiwiNut make money?

It will always be free to register, create your own store and upload products. KiwiNut keeps 15% on each sale, taken off of the purchase price. This fee is used to cover the administration cost to maintain a healthy website, pay for ads and promotions for our vendors, cover credit card service fees and build our own business.

What makes KiwiNut different from other online marketplaces?

We aim to reduce the divide of the e-commerce world by teaming up with local establishments to host our vendors and introduce them to the public with a variety of art shows in Canada. It is our hope that this will engage the public, promote the artist and stimulate small businesses.

What is the Store Manager?

Your store manager is the hub of your business. It allows you to track orders, commissions, products, settings, social media and shipping options. Add gallery photos, descriptions, attributes and create tags to help get noticed within our search bar.

Adding Clothing?

If your product comes in various colors and sizes you will need to add the product as a *variable product* and add applicable attributes under the Attributes tab.  Then go to the variations tab, select add variation.  Click the pairs of attributes that are applicable and click expand.  This will create the option to select prices and inventory for every available option.

Are my payments secure?

Our payment options are provided by Stripe.  Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. You can rest assured that your payment information is safe and secure

How does KiwiNut offer live shipping rates to multi-vendors?

KiwiNut is lucky enough to have built a tech partnership with SHIPPO. When you sign up, add a store address. This will not be displayed anywhere on our website, but it is used to calculate shipping rates. In your store manager go to the settings > shipping. Click the link for SHIPPO, this will launch you into their website to create a SHIPPO account. You will be asked for credit card information, shipping labels cost 2 cents a piece. This hub will allow you to print shipping labels from home and offer your customers a variety of shipping rates. It also allows us to track orders to ensure that you are paid when your product arrives.

You will need to do is set up a Carrier account in your SHIPPO dashboard. At this time FedEx and UPS are the only options supported on KiwiNut. To set up a Carrier account with UPS you will need a Invoice number from a previous shipment, with FedEx you will not

Once redirected back to the shipping tab in your Store Manager you will need to add box sizes for various product dimensions and weights.

Please ensure all products have weight and dimensions filled out when adding the product, otherwise we will be unable to determine shipping rates.

How do I get paid once I’ve made a sale?

Your store manager has a payment tab. This will prompt you to add your PayPal address. We track all orders and shipments. You will be paid 3 days after we have received confirmation that you product has been received by the consumer.

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