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How to Stage your Paintings

You’ve spent weeks even months perfecting your artwork and now it’s time to submit your work digitally to post and share with the world. Your photo quality means everything and is a major factor in drawing attention to your online store.

We often see spectacular artwork shot in dimly lit areas with poor staging that depreciate the value of the original material.

A great way to ensure a symmetric photo is hanging your artwork on the wall at a height where the middle of your piece will be in line with the camera. Place your camera on a flat surface or utilize a tripod.

Take advantage of natural light. The combinations of lights in your house with natural light will create an off hue. If you are taking photos inside do so in a room with lot’s of windows, ensure the artwork is hung in a indirect spot.

On your camera ensure the painting takes up the majority of the frame. The background can be cropped out later. It is important for the buyer so see the edges to give a sense of scale.

Edit your photos to perfection. Ensure the painting you worked so hard on looks the same in a photograph as it does in real life.