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What is Fluid Painting?

Fluid painting, also known as acrylic pouring, liquid pouring or flow art is a trending style among abstract artists. This is a form of abstract art that uses a variety of thin paints with a runny fluid consistency that when combined create organic psychedelic free flowing compositions.

Forget brushwork, pour layers of thin paint into a cup and apply them by pouring, sprinkling, throwing, hell any dynamic motion that makes the style unique.

Buttery acrylics simply will not do. You’ll need to use fluid acrylics, which are acrylic paints with a runny or thin consistency made to flow, drip and spread.

Sure you can buy fluid acrylics from various paint manufacturers, or you can make it at home!
Find a plastic, squeezable container, preferably see through. Check out craft stores, dollar stores or box stores.

You’ll need to add a medium, water and acrylic paint. Glazing mediums such as Liquitex are very popular. Ensure that the mixture does not contain more than 50% water otherwise the paint will lose it’s adhesive properties.

Mix it all together and you have yourself a beautiful mess waiting to happen.

We can’t wait to see what you create!