About Us

Kiwi Nut is an online art gallery that gives you the chance to purchase from artists near and far.  The average galleries stick artists with huge commission fees due to their brick and mortar nature and elitist attitudes
Kiwi Nut wants to change this.  We give local artists a cheaper and more efficient place to market their art, which makes it easier for you to find a talented artist with a price tag that won’t break the bank. Not only do we run our business online, but you can also subscribe to our newsletter and blog to keep up with our upcoming art shows and feature articles written about the artists in your area.

Start your Art Business with us, today

We look to connect local artists across a diverse global online gallery – but it starts with you.  We want to put the power of a mass art conglomerate in your hands with the simplicity of your modern social media technology and marketing tactics.  We will supply you with the tools and knowledge you need, keeping you up to date with blogs, newsletters, and seminars – along with unique art events in your town where the artists get to meet their customers and display their art to the public.
Forget the art dealers and their galleries profit, create your own business with us – today.