About Us

KiwiNut is a Canadian company based in Calgary Alberta. We are striving to build a new way for art to be shared, promoted and purchased. Online sites do not do enough to connect the artist to the consumer. Whether you join to pursue your hobby, create a side gig, or to build your own business, we ensure that artists have all the tools to start making a profit off of their art.

KiwiNut is in the very early stages of development, and it may be a little slower to get going during the COVID-19 pandemic – but it is a great time to embrace your creative side, while safely practicing social distancing. With no start up fees or monthly costs to artists ANYONE can join and start taking strides to follow their passion.

We offer an online marketplace for you to list, sell, browse, and buy local art and clothing but we won’t stop there! Our future roadmap (soon to be released) will include additional services like discounted prints for artists, corporate discounts, business cards, marketing, pop up art shows, gallery events, contests, and more!

Sign up today and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear about any upcoming changes, and for a chance to win various prizes for both buyers and artists alike!

Questions? We are obsessed with providing a user friendly experience, with hands on support at all times; info@kiwinut.com